CCC EXAM Registration

CCC EXAM Registration

Hello friends, welcome to our website. We state here that the re-registration of the CCC exam has started and if you have to register, you can register online by following the link given below.

 Due to the ongoing Koro epidemic, the government may increase the salaries of teachers who have passed CCC and CCC + as the subject has been under discussion for a long time. Therefore, teachers who have not passed the CCC will be able to avail higher salaries if they pass the examination.

will get the benefit in time. The Rupani government has taken this decision for teachers and non-academic staff of non-granted secondary and higher secondary schools in the state. Non-Granted Secondary and Higher Secondary.

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Currently, due to the Corona epidemic, teachers also have time to prepare for the exams and because of this they can easily pass the exams. If they pass the exam, they can benefit if the salary is increased after the decision is taken by the government.

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