check your policy status online, see the step-by-step process here

 Check your policy status online

Hello friends, thank you for visiting our website. We are going to give you information about LIC Insurance in this post. If you are paying LIC premium of yours or any member of your family in LIC, you need to see This post. Given the current times, we suggest that you check your LIC premium in a timely manner. We have given you a step by step explanation on how to check LIC’s premium online on your mobile while you are at home.


(1) First of all friends, you have to go to the website and register. After opening the registration form, you will have to create a username and password in it. Friends, we suggest that you create a password with words, numbers, and symbols (example: abc @ 123 * as illustrated by an example). Creating a password will protect your password and prevent it from being stolen.
(2) You will have to fill in the blanks marked “*” at the time of registration.
(3) You will need to enter an email address that you can use in the future.
An auto-responder mail would be sent to the policyholder as confirmation of successful registration.

You will be notified by email if the information you have entered is correct

Main Website:

(4) After complete registration click on Customer Portal
(5) After clicking on it, click on Registered User
(6) Clicking on it will open a page in front of you and enter the username, date of birth, password inside it and click on ‘Go’.
(7) Then another new page will appear and you will have to click on View Enrolled Policies
(8) One page will open with each registration policy. It will also have to provide information about the date of registration, premium amount, and vested bonus. The insured can check the status of his policy there by clicking on the policy number.

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