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Hello friends, welcome to our website. Recently an important decision has been taken by the government for private schools. The government has stated that private schools will not be able to charge extra fees from students and any private schools that charge extra fees will be given the necessary work. 

Any private school that provides students with any additional facilities may charge higher fees as they see fit but will not charge more than the regular fee. 

Earlier, the education minister had said that schools would not be able to charge fees for transport, library, computer and sports activities.

Due to the ongoing Koro epidemic, children are being educated at home and hence the government has stated that no fees should be charged from children. 

Therefore, it has been stated by the government that if all the private schools do not take this into consideration, then the necessary work will be done.

Of the tuition fees fixed by the Fees Committee for the year 2020-21, 25 per cent fee will be waived and a 75 percent fee will have to be recovered from the parents.

The 5% increase in fees for the year 2020-21 will be as per the government rule. Fees could rise by 35% next year.

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