DD Girnar STD 11 Home Learning Video

DD Girnar  STD 11 Home Learning Video

Due to this corona epidemic, schools are closed but not education. According to this slogan, the home learning program is being run by the government. In this program subjects from standard 3 to 12 are taught. The education of these subjects is broadcast on dd Girnar, Diksha portal, and youtube. And yes, if you have one day left to get an education, you can retrieve your education by going to YouTube and going to the Gujarati e-class channel.

At present any home learning class is tested every month and is taken as a unit test. Through this unit test, children can give their own test and test their skills accurately. Therefore, the decision taken by this government has been good, beneficial and successful.

DD On Girnar channel children is taught through video as per the time table fixed from morning till evening. By watching this video, children can get their full education. This decision of the Government has been successful. Efforts are being made by the government to educate children fully because of this coronavirus.

  • DD Girnar Home Learning Video
  • Diksha Portal Home Learning Video
  • DD Girnar 3 to 12 Home Learning Video
  • Gcert Home Learning Video

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હોમ લર્નિંગ વિડીયો તારીખ :- 18/8/2021

હોમ લર્નિંગ વિડીયો તારીખ :- 17/8/2021









27-4-21 Physics

26-4-21 Physics

24-4-21 Physics

23-4-21 Physics

22-4-21 Physics

19-4-21 Maths

10-4-21 Biology

25-3-21 Chemestry

24-3-21 Chemestry

23-3-21 Chemestry

22-3-21 Chemestry

13-3-21 Biology

12-3-21 Biology

1-3-21 Maths


13-2-21 Biology

12-2-21 Biology

11-2-21 Biology

10-2-21 Biology

9-2-21 Biology

8-2-21 Biology

6-2-21 Biology

5-2-21 Account

4-2-21 Account

3-2-21 Account

2-2-21 Account


12-1-21 Physics

11-1-21 Science

9-1-21 Physics

8-1-21 Physics

7-1-21 Physics

6-1-21 Physics

5-1-21 Phyisics


31-12-20 Accounts

30-12-20 Account


19-10-20 Science

16-10-20 Physics 

15-10-20 Physics 

14-10-20 Physics 

13-10-20 Physics 

12-10-20 Physics 

10-10-20 Physics 

03-10-20 Accounts 

02-10-20 Accounts 

01-10-20 Accounts 


23-09-20 Biology 

22-09-20 Biology 

21-09-20 Biology 

17-09-20 Account 

16-09-20 Account

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