Fast Charging Android 2021

Fast Charging Android 2021 is the application which charges your android device faster than the normal speed.
After plugging the charger you have to start the app if it is not started automatically then you have to click on start button to activate the FAST CHARGING MODE.
How this application works.
This application automatically kills all background running processes and services to speed up charging. If you click on stop button it will resume all your services again. This application helps to improve the battery life.
Added the share button so you can share this application with your loved ones.
There is a notification with vibration after full charge, so you can save the electricity and increase the battery life.

Application support 9 different languages

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any permission require manually?
Ans:- There is no Need to give permission manually, but there are some exception like Mi phone, where you have to give auto start permission manually.

Q2. When I plug in the charger , Application do not start automatically?
Ans:- To start the application automatically , You have to give the permission of autostart to the application or restart the phone.

Q3. Why it is showing my battery capacity wrong?
Ans:- It is showing phone capacity by android OS, it may be differ from phone manufacturer.

Q4. This application get closed automatically after sometime why?
Ans:- It is because you have any clearer/security application in your device, which close all the application. For continuous run you have to add exception in that clear/security app, so it does not clean it while charging your device.

This application supports most of the devices, if you still get any problem, please contact us at

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