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Today, our absence from school for three months has kept the education burning. One mother wears a zanzar on her feet so that her child does not move away from her. Not only do my ears work with the sound of a zanzari but when this child completes five years On the day of Ashadhi Bij,

the school puts it and unselfishly tells the teacher that hey Guruji, for the four days of the day, I do my right as my mother, now you do it, let me be red, this year the child is at home and yet my responsibilities Ek vaar bolu na tantane now we think that whatever can be achieved by avoiding the crisis, let’s learn it at home, so will it happen that according to the monthly curriculum, even if there is happiness in January, it can be learned at home So it will come now and when the schools start you will have to prove the remaining number. You will go through all the constructive evaluation. You are constantly reminding us through the assessment. We are proud to see the value of the month of June.

We see that there is no education. The achievement level of more than 90% of the children has been found to be satisfactory. About a quarter of the children need to worry about this. Thank you.

I don’t go to school regularly from now on. I went to my friend’s hospital at the same time. My friend Sharadbhai is a doctor. He has many patients. The hospital runs from morning to evening. The patients who come to him are illiterate and have to bring a car. Today I have time. So he reached his hospital at nine o’clock and since then his heart has been out there. One by one the patients go to the doctor. If he goes to the doctor, he is sitting next to the doctor and watches. Savitaben came to the plain boy and talked to him for two days.

ધોરણ 1 થી 8 ઘરે શીખીએ અંક – 4

See a fall price is a white and a daughter and a pink morning after dinner a whole generation key to take the second afternoon after lunch and this third evening meal after two days of such medicine is chappad key and a separate fall on which is a ballpoint pen vomiting If it happens like nausea, some of them did not give any medicine and said that they should take medicine and show it

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