GSEB STD 10 Social Science Paper Style 2021 – Gujarat

GSEB STD 10 Social Science Paper Style 2021 – Gujarat

Hello student friends, welcome to our website, if you are studying in standard 10, we have collected for you here the home learning videos broadcast on Dal Girnar. We have a collection of videos from today onwards. If you are left to study the previous home learning videos, friends, we have put a link to all the videos below. You can increase your subject education by following the link.

Due to the ongoing Corona epidemic, the government has started teaching at home and due to this, every standard is broadcast on the dd Girnar channel at different times. This broadcast is totally free. The parents of the children do not have to pay any price to watch this broadcast.

The home learning program is becoming more successful day by day and has been well supported by the children and their parents. dd The subject video of the subject being aired on Girnar is as per the time table fixed by the Government and the unit test of each subject is taken and through this, the students can test their knowledge.

The Coronavirus is spreading day by day due to which the government still cannot call the children to school. Due to this, the government has also released a book called “Learn at Home” and through this, the children get more education by reading this book and watching the broadcast on Dd Girnar. The government is trying its best to educate the children in the ongoing lockdown.

Student friends, if this post has helped you to improve education, please let us know by commenting in the comment box of our post and also if anyone still wants to improve us, thank you.

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