GSEB STD 12 Science Paper Style 2021 – Gujarat

GSEB STD 12 Science Paper Style 2021 – Gujarat

Here is a collection of home learning videos to be aired on standard 12 dd Girnar. The epidemic of Coronavirus is increasing day by day and its gate is causing economic loss to us and other countries day by day and on the other hand, the education of children is also deteriorating day by day but children cannot be called to school by the government.

Decided to teach. Therefore, the government has decided to broadcast live on TV as per the norms and they provide live education on YouTube channels like dd Girnar, Diksha Portal, and Gujarati E-Class.  

If you are left to watch the live broadcast of the dd Girnar currently being broadcast by the government and learn the following topics, you will be able to learn it easily.Apart from home learning videos, extra classes are also conducted by the government and through these children can increase their education. 

Coronavirus is mainly spread by touching and inhaling and the virus is more prevalent in children and the elderly, so the government has said that three or more people should not be together. Hence children cannot be called to the school.

Paper Style

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