How can more than one student take WhatsApp exam in one phone?

Hello friends, welcome to our website. We here at Sarkar Shri Dwar prepare unit tests every month. This unit test is prepared to keep in view the online education on DD Girnar which is given by the Government of Gujarat and the unit test is evaluated by the teachers. Created and this quiz has a total of 15 questions and those questions have options so you have to choose 1 correct answer from the four options given below the question. Art will answer all your questions by clicking on submit the form and then on the view report after submitting the form so it will show the score of how many of the questions you have answered are true and how many are false. Best of lucl

Hello friends, welcome to our website. We have brought for you the standard 6 quiz which is taken by the government and we have prepared this quiz. We have created quizzes of other standards in the same way and if you are interested in the quiz to your friends you can also share it. So friends, by giving this quiz, you will be able to evaluate your marks according to the next unit test.

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