Khelmahakumbh Registration 2022

KHEL MAHAKUMBH 2019 aims to encourage every individual of Gujarat to participate in the event. This event incorporates 36 games and Special Khel Mahakumbh for Divyang players. The games are scheduled in such a way that every individual from Under 9 to Above 60 old can participate in this Grand Sports Event Khel Mahakumbh.

JKM stands for JAINAM KHEL MAHAKUMBH,surat. It is first time organized for the children & youngster to participate in indoor , outdoor & group game activity. This app is useful for all those member of Jainam Social group members.
This app server following features :
– Information about events
– All players list
– Player Information
– Player playing games
– Matches Schedule
– Results of matches
– Committee member
– Gallery
– Sponsors
– About Us.

Enjoy using the app.

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  • Online Application Start From : 18.02.2022
  • Online Application Last Date : Updates Soon

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