Madare Vatan Yojana full Details Gujarat Government’s New Yojana

Madare Vatan Yojana full Details

In order to develop the rural areas of Gujarat on a balanced basis, the state government and the central government are currently implementing social development welfare schemes for rural development in rural areas. Grants are given to Gram Panchayats as well as various facilities prescribed for collective development for balanced development of villages have been provided under a very important scheme like Gokul Gram Yojana of the State Government earlier.

Madare Vatan Yojana

A person who is a native of a village in the state or has a feeling from the village can donate to his village to carry out necessary development works in the village with an excellent spirit of helping his motherland from his economic earnings. Along with donations, the state government also helps the village through participation in the development works of the village Six considerations of the Government regarding the implementation of Madar Watan Yojana with the welfare spirit that the work of increasing the water infrastructural facilities of the village can be carried out with the objective of making the village complete by constructing basic infrastructural facilities as per the need of the place given to Viramgam against the amount of donation received by TI. Is under.

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    Gujaratis live all over the country and the world, but in their homeland, souvenirs and patriotic efforts, love is always alive in their hearts, they have a desire in their heart to do something for the homeland. It has been decided to implement the Madrevatan Yojana subject to the following provisions with a view to create better facilities.

    Madare Vatan Yojana Provisions of the scheme
    • A village is a village with a gram panchayat.
    • A person living in a donor village, a person with a feeling for a dham or a person.
    • A person who belongs to the village or his ancestors resided in the village and the district of the village in the Gram Panchayat area on the basis of their residency resides anywhere outside the state in the country. Must be submitted.
    • List of works to be undertaken under the scheme
    • Pako road from the main road of the village through the entrance to the gram panchayat house or village chora.
    • Other roads in the village.
    • Village thieves.
    • Gram Panchayat Ghar Primary School Secondary School Room Smart Class.
    • Drinking water facility Home facility.
    • ST bus pickup stand to protect in heat and rainy season.
    • Cemetery Home Cemetery.
    • substation / Primary Health Center
    • Anganwadi.
    • Community hall.
    • Village public places Street lights on public roads.
    • Gram Hat Hat.
    • Arrangement of door-to-door collection of solid waste and its disposal to the landfill site in a scientific manner.
    • Milk congregation building.
    • Veterinary Center.
    • Work of paving block of public road and public chowk of rural village.
    • Making Udhan under Panchvati scheme Sports ground.
    • Facilitate ventilation from communal toilet animals.
    • Feast.
    • Arrangement of underground sewerage system and its water cycle for collection of water for home use.
    • Library.
    • The entrance to the village

    The above mentioned list of works is exemplary. any one does not have to do the work which is not included in this list but the scientifically assigned duty of Gram Panchayat has to do the work for the old compliance, then it can be done with the approval of Taluka Development Officer.

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