Anando / Modi government’s biggest step, consumers will get 24 hours electricity and 11 new rights

The central government has taken significant steps to empower power consumers. Under this, arrangements have been made to provide 24 hours electricity and timely services to the customers. Notably, arrangements have also been made to make electricity prices more transparent. On the other hand, the availability of electricity has been included in the rights of electricity consumers.

Significant steps were taken to empower power consumers

The availability of electricity was included in the rights of electricity consumers

If any electricity distribution companies violate this law, the government may take strict action against them. Regarding these rules, Power Minister RK Singh said that the country’s electricity distribution companies are now service providers. Electricity consumers will get all kinds of rights just like other service sectors, through these rules the government is empowering the common man. The next step of the central government is to spread the word about the rules across the country. If DISCOM intentionally violates these rules, it will be cracked down on. This rule will benefit 300 million power consumers.

Assurance of 11 types of rights granted

According to the Ministry of Power, a total of 11 types of rights of consumers of electricity have been guaranteed. This includes areas ranging from getting new connections to installing meters, to paying bills. Now there is an online facility to take all types of electrical connections.

Connection must be provided within the stipulated time

Electricity connections will have to be provided in metros within seven days of submission of customer application, in municipalities within 15 days and in rural areas within 30 days. DISCOM has the responsibility to work to meet the electricity demand of the consumers in its field. No smart pre-paid or pre-paid meter will be provided without any connection. Customers will also have the option to pay their electricity bills online.

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