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Anubandham Rojargar Portal Gujarat 2022 : Gujarat Government keeps releasing innovative schemes and services keeping in mind the interest of the citizens. Our youth is the first step for the prosperity of the country. Many departmental and district level offices are functioning to provide employment to youth. “Gujarat Employment Services” in the state has released an ‘Anubandham Portal’ between the employer and the job aspirant. “Anubandham Mobile App” allows easy coordination between employer and job seeker through mobile and internet.

Anubandham Employment Portal Gujarat 2022

Anubandham Employment Portal 2022 : Government of India and Government of Gujarat are releasing new schemes and services for the welfare of citizens. Youth is the first step to the prosperity of the country. Various departments and offices are functioning to provide employment to the youth.

Benefits of Anubandham Employment Portal

All the benefits of Anubandham Rojara Portal are mentioned below.

  • Job seekers can register online at home.
  • No need to go to employment office for registration and career counselling, only through Anubandham portal through your mobile.
  • Youth will be able to get employment through auto-matchmaking, skill-based matchmaking, schedule management and other features on this portal.
  • Skilled youth can find their job in any district with filter and quick search facility.
  • Matching of employment opportunities can be done according to the candidate’s qualification.
  • One’s mobile will be registered through the Anubandham portal, so one will be freed from going to the office.
  • Job seekers can get accurate information about their career through this portal and mobile application.
  • Anubandham Portal mobile application and portal can get job interview information through their mobile.
  • Employers will be exempted from spending on various advertisements through the Anubandham portal.
  • The employer will get a huge data base through this portal, so can recruit good employees.
  • Employers can conduct online or offline interviews.
  • Employers can fill the vacancies in their business through online registration on the Anubandham portal.
  • Employers can conduct job fairs and select youths who have acquired skills as per their requirement.
  • Through the dashboard, the profile and information of each other can be easily found between the employer and the job seeker.


Anubandham Employment Portal 2022 : To login Anubandham Gujarat portal both employer and job seeker need different documents. This document has to be uploaded during online registration. Which are given below. These certificates are required for Faft Online Registration.

  • Mobile number
  • Email Id
  • Passport size photograph
  • Any one of Aadhaar Card, Election Card, License, Passport etc
  • Eligibility Marksheet
  • Certificate detailing experience

Anubandham Employment Portal Mobile Application

  • Candidates can login from anywhere on Anubandham App.
  • Candidates can easily search Job through this mobile application.
  • Job seeker can apply Job from any place.
  • If a job seeker has applied for a job, the date and time of his interview can also be viewed on the mobile application.
  • Information about Job Fair participation can also be obtained through anubandham app.
  • Candidates registered on Anubandham Rojgar Portal can give Job Preferences through the application themselves.
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