i. Appointment of all additional teachers at the end of the year.
ii. Ensuring that more than 50% of teachers are women.
iii. To organize training for all non-trained teachers by the end of the year.
iv. Cluster level meeting to discuss theoretical issues as a whole and assign assignments to teachers on defined critical academic areas; Ensuring that the agenda for the next meeting is decided at the previous meeting.

v. Not to call more than half of the teachers at the same time during the training time so that the school continues during the training time.
vi. Prepare useful study-teaching materials at the time of training so that the teachers in the school can use them during the classwork.
vii. Inform the CRCO and BRCCO about the training needs of each teacher individually at the beginning of each month so that the officers and resource persons can provide the necessary help during their visit.

viii. As stated in the Right to Education Act, 2006, teachers’ training program and discussion should include matters which are included in the subject curriculum.

I. Only sample issues are prepared here for preparation of school development plan. It can be taken as a basis as well as other issues.
II. No school management committee can prepare a school development plan without full information of the provisions made under the Right to Education Act-2006 and the rules prepared by the state.
III. Until accurate school enrollment figures are available, there can be no credible assessment of the need for physical facilities and human resources.

IV. While planning the district development, the district project office will have to include the future plan by including it in the school development plan.

V. Some of the plans included in the school development plan can be implemented only at the village level with the involvement of the community, teachers, children and local authorities while some matters can be completed at the CRC, BRC, district level. Very few plans have to be submitted at the state level for implementation.
VI. Monitoring of mid-day meal scheme can be made a part of school development plan only.

School Development Plan (SDP) Form in Gujarati PDF / WORD File

શાળા વિકાસ યોજના ભરેલ ફોર્મ નો નમુનો

શાળા વિકાસ યોજના ફોર્મ WORD

શાળા વિકાસ યોજના ફોર્મ PDF

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