The number of corona patients in the world has reached 8.16 crore. More than 57.7 million people have recovered. So far more than 17 lakh 80 thousand people have lost their lives. These statistics are wise. The number of new patients in American hospitals is increasing. More than one lakh 21 thousand new patients were admitted here on Monday. The good news is that Novavex biotech company Corona is going to start vaccine testing on a new strain that has recently been found in Britain.

Trouble has not abated in America
The U.S. government has released a new figure for hospitalized patients on Monday night, the Cowid Tracking Project (CTP). Which is annoying. This is the largest number of patients admitted in a single day since the epidemic began. A total of one lakh 21 thousand 235 patients were admitted to the country’s hospitals on Monday.

Not only that, this was the 27th consecutive day when more than one lakh patients were admitted in America in one day. One lakh 18 thousand patients were admitted to the hospital on December 27 and one lakh 18 thousand on December 25.

CNN reported vaccine testing on Corona’s new strain in a report. According to the report, Novavex Biotech has started testing the vaccine on a new variant of Covid-19 found in Britain. Phase-3 trials of the normal vaccine are also underway. “We have completed research on a new variant of the Corona we found in Britain,” the company said in a statement. After which testing of the vaccine on this variant has also started. It may take several weeks for the results to come.

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