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Learning English, No one to make English practice? Download Talk Now App to
practice English and learn English free.
In today’s time English holds an important place. Throughout the world it is
spoken in many countries which makes it a global language. English talking is
useful everywhere. Often some people do not get a good platform to Learn
English and that’s here Talk Now, a talking app is for them. With this English
Speaking app, you can find it easy to learn English and learn other foreign
language. It’s like your virtual teacher to teach how to speak English fluently.
Practice English daily. Strange talking to improve your communication skills.
Talk Now offers – Features to learn better & fluent English

 To talk to anyone who want to practice & learn English or any other
 High quality Audio chat English feature working even on low network
 Best platform to learn, speak English and improve your fluency
 sharing option to Invite your friends and enjoy English Practice together
 Option to mute mike and speaker while having English talking call
 More to come..
How this English learning app works?
The concept is simple, you just need signup once and your profile will be
created. Turn on the online option and make tap on Talk Now option. The call
will go and you can start your conversation in English. Mind it sure that you &
other person must be online to use this English Speaking app otherwise you
will not be able to do audio chat English. So the working is simple, just tap and
have English talking. Talk to strangers and have fun with English. There will be
strange talking but that would be useful.
This will makes your practice for learning English to boost your confidence. To
make you learn better English there are also grammatical concepts. Get
English Practice daily any time or anywhere.

This English Learning app will only work when you have internet connection.
So establish your connection before accessing the app.
Talk Now is currently in Beta, There are lot more to come in future to learn
better English.
Let me know what new feature you would like to see in the app or your view
about this learning English app at info.talknow@gmail.com
Speaking and Talking English is one of the best ways to improve your
vocabulary and pronunciation. Speak English with strangers and make your
perfection in fluent English with this app. Also this English learning app keeps
your data confidential. So it safe too!!! Its free to download so learn English

Practice English speaking, Learn how to speak English language, Talk in
English to anybody, Make random calls, stay offline – no one will disturb with Audio
calls, TOFEL, ILETS, GRE. Make your self the
best English Spoken person.

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