Vahali Dikari Yojana

Vahali Dikari Yojana

Hello friends, welcome to our website. We have given complete information about the Vhali Dikari Yojana announced by the Government here.

(1) The objective of the schem

This scheme is applicable only to daughters by the government and only daughters get the benefit of this. Because nowadays the proportion of women is decreasing day by day and the proportion of men is increasing and no one wants to keep daughters. This is why this is an important plan as it will be difficult to get married in the future.

Many people do not educate their daughters because they do not have enough money. This has led to a very low level of education among women, so this plan is important. Due to the low level of education among women, they are not able to work for jobs and other education, so this plan is important to end this problem. The mothers and fathers of the daughters do not have the money to educate them and allow them to get married at an early age so this plan is important to prevent child marriage.

(2) Where to get the application form of Vhali Dikari Yojana

– Anganwadi Center

– Gram Panchayat

– icds office

– Office of the District Women and Child Officer 

Available free of charge from all the places mentioned above.

(3) Time limit to apply

Date: Born after 02-08-2019 and the family members of the daughter have to apply within a time limit of one year with support and evidence.

(4) Eligibility required to avail the benefit

– Daughter born on or after 02-08-2019 will get this benefit
– Only two daughters will get this benefit- The first and second daughter will get the benefit of this scheme but after the second daughter the operation of procreation rule should be done.
– If there is a first son and a second daughter then the second daughter will be eligible for assistance but after the second daughter the operation of procreation rule should be done.
– Both the first son and the second (twin) daughters will be eligible for the benefit but after the second daughter the operation of procreation rule should be done.
– The mother should be 18 or older at the time of birth of the daughter

(5) Income limit

Spouse’s combined annual income is Rs. Must be 2,00,000 or less.

(6) Receivable benefits

First installment
-When daughter enters first standard
– Rs. 4,000The second installment
– Rs. 6,000Last installment- At the age of 18 as marriage assistance Rs. 100,000 children should not be married.

(7) Evidence to be submitted with the application

-Daughter’s birth certificate
– Father’s Aadhaar card mothers birth certificate
-Certificate of income
-Examples of children born and surviving in the family
-Certificate of birth control

Download Application Form: Click Here

Download Gujarati Pdf: Click Here

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