Ashley Judd Explains Why Investigative Report On Mom Naomi's Death Should Not Be Released

Ashley Judd has filed a petition for the release of the block on the investigation into Naomi Judd’s death. Continue reading.

Although the autopsy report that Naomi Judd had earlier reported that she had committed suicide stated that Ashley Judd, her daughter, has recently filed a petition to stop the release of her mother’s investigative report. 

Ashley Judd reveals why Naomi’s death report was blocked by Naomi  


In a New York Times commentary, Ashley Judd explains why she filed a petition to stop the release of her mother’s death report. 

She also said that the horror of the event would only get worse if the Tennessee law, which generally allows closed investigation police reports were made public, allowing the disclosure of details about her death. 

She also mentioned that her mother was alive at the time the police arrived. She added that she was unable to be there for her mother’s final breath because of the interrogation.

She also reflected on the many personal details that some relatives revealed during interrogation.

The note stated that she felt powerless and trapped as police officers interrogated me, while my mother was dying. I wanted to comfort her and tell her about her plans to visit her father and younger brother when she “went home.” 

Instead of being told that I was allowed to choose when, where and how I would participate, I started a series of interviews that felt forced and imposed upon me. 

It took me away from my precious mother’s passing.

We shared all we knew about Mom’s mental illness and their painful history of it, at a time we were desperately trying to understand what had prompted her to end her life.

Ashely Judd also mentioned that her family had petitioned the court the block of the release the report, including interviews conducted by police with them during their most vulnerable times.

“This deeply intimate medical and personal information is not appropriate for the media, the internet, or anywhere else except in our collective memories.”

She expressed her optimism about the court’s decision and reflected on Vanessa Bryant and other families that have had to deal with the pain of a legal or leaked public release following a death.

She said, “I don’t know if we’ll be able to get the privacy that we deserve.” We wait with nervousness for the court’s decision. We are not alone, I know this.

We have deep sympathy for Vanessa Bryant’s family and all those who have suffered the pain of having their most personal, unguarded details about death released to the public.

Ashley concluded her note by stating that she wanted to be remembered for her mother’s life, which included her goofy humor and glory on stage, and her unfailing kindness off it. Not for the details of her death.

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