Birthday Quotes

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"No wise man has ever wanted that he was younger."

"Grow old with me! The best will yet be."

"Our birthdays are like feathers in the broad wings of the wing."

"Every Birthday is an opportunity to give a present. Every day is an offer."

"Every year, when you turn you have the chance to begin afresh."

"A birthday date can be a way to be grateful for life as well as to reflect on life."

"The way to stay youthful is to be honest slow, eat slowly and then lie regarding your age."

"I am thankful for your friendship. I wish you a wonderful birthday as you are my favorite friend!"

"A birthday's like starting a new beginning and my hope for you is to have an amazing year filled with sunshine and happiness!"

"We ought to celebrate each year that we've made it through, and each year that we're happier , and healthier."