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WhatsApp Feature

The Near by Business and Community feature will be launched this year Reactions can now be given in WhatsApp chat just like Messenger

After being in controversy for the privacy policy last year, WhatsApp is going to launch a pro level feature this year. Features that will be launched this year will change the user experience. The company has been testing the features that will be launched this year. Let us know how advanced these features are …

Android to iOS chat transfer

This year, WhatsApp Android users will get the feature of chat transfer on iOS. So far no such facility was available. This feature allows users to transfer chats from an Android device to an iOS device without changing the number.

Admin control feature

With the help of this advanced feature, the admin will be able to delete messages from other members of the group. If the admin removes a message from the group, all members of the group will be notified. This feature will be different from the Disappearing feature as admin will be able to delete group messages whenever he wants without any time limit.

Reaction to the message

Like Facebook Messenger and Instagram, WhatsApp will now be able to respond to messages. This feature will be launched for group and personal chat. According to the report, initially it will have 6 emoji options.

Sticker Store

There are many stickers available on WhatsApp. This feature is not available on desktop and web apps. The company has added a sticker store for desk beta users. It will be launched for all users soon.

WhatsApp community feature

This feature of WhatsApp, which will be launched this year, is a bit hot. This feature allows you to connect a WhatsApp group to a community. According to the report, 10 groups will be able to connect together in the community.

Near by business

WhatsApp is going to make business fairly easy for users. The new feature will allow users to easily search for businesses near them. A new option ‘businesses nearby’ will be added to the search tool. It will have options including restaurant, grocery store, textiles.

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